Gemetrix provides unique services and equipment to companies and individuals in the diamond and gem industries, from exploration through to grading. Currently the focus of Gemetrix is on distinguising natural, synthetic and colour-treated diamonds. Natural and synthetic diamonds have exactly the same crystal structure, physical and chemical properties and cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. However, they do have a few different characteristics that can be determined with specialised equipment.

Gemetrix has extensive experience in the diamond industry, relating both to rough and polished diamonds. Gemetrix offers consulting in data analysis, diamond technology and process trouble-shooting.

Customers include exploration companies, new mines, established mines, gemmological labs and polishing operations.

Gem Inspectors

Gemmological Products

Gemetrix has designed and manufactures a range of portable instruments for identifying lab-grown diamonds using photo-luminescence (PL) or spectroscopy.

Photoluminescence poster for diamonds

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Custom Instrumentation

Gemetrix is able to develop customised opto-electronics instruments and machines for diamond and related industries.

Industry Challenges

Currently the diamond industry is being buffeted by numerous challenges throughout the pipeline.

Consumers and dealers of polished diamonds are anxious about synthetic diamonds and diamond treatments. Exploration companies are trying to identify the best targets likely to be economical, while at the mines, profits are robbed by diamond damage and sub-optimal recovery efficiency.

Technical solutions based on a good understanding of diamond science, trouble-shooting methods, modelling and sound data analysis help to tackle these challenges.

Gemetrix utilises backgrounds in physics and engineering which is eminently suited to overcoming problems, optimising processes and forging new opportunities.

Gemetrix is based in Western Australia and offers almost thirty years' experience across the diamond pipeline, from exploration to diamond recovery, rough sorting, polishing and grading.