The Melee Inspector features ultra-violet lamps to excite any HPHT diamonds which will then phosphoresce.

The glow can be readily detected with the camera on a user's smart-phone.

Melee Inspector Features are

  • Bright illumination - both white light and ultra-violet
  • Portable, with the option of using a 9V battery
  • Easy to identify suspect diamonds
  • Viewing magnifier lens
  • Smart-phone compatible

Suitable for viewing

  • Parcels of melee
  • Rough diamonds
  • Polished diamonds

How to Buy

  • Please contact us for a list of stockists.
  • You can also purchase directly from Gemetrix, please contact us with any enquiries.
  • We ship worldwide.
  • We accept PayPal


  • Short-wave ultra-violet at 255 nm.

CAUTION: There are fake copies of Gemetrix products, particularly in India. The genuine products appear as shown on this website and are all assembled in Australia.

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