Customer Testimonials

Your jewellery inspector has made my life so much easier not just for diamonds but for coloured stones.
George Ojaimi
Melbourne, Australia

I’ve enjoyed using it (PL Inspector) and have recommended it to many of my fellow appraisers as a great screening device for diamonds as well as “B” jade. Thank you for a great product and for the excellent customer service.
Mark T. Cartwright,
Certified Master Appraiser, National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, USA

I have the Jewelry Inspector and if you are a gemologist, it is one useful addition to assist in the screening and detecting of lab grown diamonds. You can get by without it, but once you have it you no longer wonder if your other methods are accurate & reliable unless you're using other expensive units that cost thousands. It is affordable and one arsenal that you should not be without.
Lydia Lee
Independent appraiser of gems and jewelry, USA

As a gemological laboratory we have tested various devices for the detection of diamonds, natural, treated or synthetic which are available on the market today. The best performing device based on price / quality is certainly the PL Inspector. We have obtained not only positive results concerning diamonds, but also in the field of other precious stones.
Eddy Vleeschdrager
Author of "Hardness 10", Anterwerp, Belgium