Products for synthetic diamond detection

CAUTION: There are fake copies of Gemetrix products, particularly in India. The genuine products appear as shown on this website and are all assembled in Australia.

The Inspectors allow for observation through a magnifying lens of fluorescence and or phosphorescence from bright ultra-violet illumination. These observations can help a gemmologist determine whether a diamond or gem is synthetic or treated. The colour and intensity of the fluorescence provides useful indicators. Phosphorescence after SW illumination is an effective technique to identify lab-grown diamonds grown by HPHT methods.

Depending on the application, three Inspector models are available. The PL and Jewellery Inspectors provide LW and SW illumination, while the Melee Inspector only provides SW UV illumination. A Gemetrix Mobile App allows a smartphone camera to capture and compare images. Visit the Gallery for examples of reactions. All models have a dark enclosed viewing chamber and are powered by a 12V power adaptor with a plug configuration to suit your country. Features of the different Inspector models are described below.

A quick guide to using a PL-Inspector can be downloaded here (PDF file).

PL Inspector

For examining fluorescence and phosphorescence in gems, especially suited for single unmounted stones.

The viewing area is 15 x 15 mm.
Size: 100 x 55 x 30 mm (pocket size)

Jewellery Inspector

Similar to a PL Inspector but having a larger viewing area and a custom tray for examining jewellery. A second tray with a grid pattern is provided for examining small (melee) diamonds.
The viewing area is 50×50 mm.
Size: 130×80×50 mm.

Melee Inspector

An effective solution to examine melee diamonds (loose or mounted) for (HPHT) synthetics using phosphorescence without the need for interpretation.
The viewing area is 50×50mm.
Size: 130×80×50 mm.

Product for colour restoration

When subjecting Argyle pink diamonds to UV either when using an Inspector or when fluorescence grading,the colour can become bleached. It will return after prolonged exposure in white light, but with intense light at a certain blue wavelength the colour can return within a minute. A Pink Restore provides strong illumination at that optimum wavelength.

Pink Restore

For restoring pink colour to UV-bleached diamonds.

The viewing area is 15 x 15 mm.
Size: 100 x 55 x 30 mm (pocket size)

Product for gem spectroscopy

While fluorescence colours and intensities can provide valuable information about a gem, there is no substitute for either a spectrum of the fluorescence (PL spectrum) or a transmission spectrum, especially when a stone is inert to UV. A Gemetrix Inspectrum enables the aquisition of both types of spectra in the wavelength range 410 - 750 nm. For diamonds, spectral features at 415, 576, 637 and 741 nm are especially useful in determining if a diamond is natural or has been treated.


For observing and recording the PL emission spectrum and the transmission spectrum of a gem.

Wavelength range: 410 - 750 nm
PL excitation: 405 nm
Resolution: 1 nm
For loose or mounted stones
Connects to laptop


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